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  • Conservative: I love you so I'm going to vote 'no' on gay marriage.
  • Gay Christian: Oh thank you! I was worried I might end up in a happily committed and Christ-centred relationship with my would-be spouse of the same sex! God bless you for selflessly treating His children, including myself, differently based on what you personally approve of regardless of whether or not your beliefs are even remotely founded on Scripture!

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This isn’t the first time I’ve gotten these questions. That (after acknowledging that the Bible does not in fact condemn homosexual relationships) what do we do with our God given sexuality then? More recently I’ve receive this question:

How does our sexuality play in a Christian context? No sex before marriage? What if we cannot get married? What is marriage anyways? How do we apply biblical standards for marriage/sexuality when it is framed in a heteronormative context?

I (Ian) am going to be brutally honest to all of you on the second part of this question-series… I don’t know if sex before marriage is a sin. I have heard two solid arguments for abstinence and one against having to wait as long as it might take! But currently I choose to endorse traditional interpretation as it offers the potential of less heartbreak and is the safer course of conduct in light of STD’s. But that does not mean I necessarily regard the alternate position as sinful. My position on the matter has yet to take a solid stance.

My opinion does not necessarily reflect my co-writers’ opinions, nor is this GC’s official statement on premarital sex.

What is Marriage? Marriage is outlined as a covenant before God. A vow of both actions and words, in a monogamous pledge to honour and love your partner. The state has nothing to do with the matter. All the state can do is give you tax-benefits as a way of promoting the family-unit. In my opinion, the state should offer civil unions to both heterosexual and homosexual couples leaving the definition of “marriage” to religious and faith-based organizations.

If you cannot legally get married, I suggest you get a “Bible Marriage”. A “Bible Marriage” is a purely religious ceremony where you can get married in a Church and be recognized before it and God (who is the only person you need in recognition of you and your would-be fiance).

Taking marriage out of a heteronormative context (from 1 Peter 3. I sincerely believe Peter had no intention of being exclusionary for the record), you apply the same rule for both and husbands and wives to both partners. In order to respect, honour, and love each other in Christ-centred matrimony.

As for both partners being Christian, I truly see no harm in dating non-Christians. I myself am dating an atheist currently! So long as the other partner doesn’t seek to guide you away from what is right or undo your faith, there is no harm, in my opinion, in dating someone of another faith (or who has a lack thereof). However, if your standard is to date another Christian then you needn’t compromise! The patience of waiting for a Christian man/woman is something to be proud of!

I hope this helps those whom it may concern! Happy Easter and God Bless!


What Would Jesus Do: why the church’s militant stance against same-sex marriage makes me sad.


Recently, the mainstream UK evangelical church has come out in force to fight against the proposed legalisation of same-sex marriage – creating petitions, reading letters in Sunday services that mobilise members to action, presenting a high profile media voice via newspaper columns and controversial advertisements, and so on. Most recently, the Evangelical Alliance made their mark, with a video and accompanying document on the topic. I have already addressed the specific arguments against same-sex marriage in a series of earlier blog posts. Today I wanted to talk about my emotional response to reading these resources: sadness.


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justificationbyfaith-deactivate said: I hear it said pretty frequently in the side A camp that homosexual sex is alright within a committed, loving, non-exploitative relationship but I never hear anyone say within a marriage (I'd assume because most of the time its not possible to get married). It does make me wonder tho if side A theology sees marriage as a necessary pre-req to sex? Is gay marriage simply a matter of equal rights or do u think God mandates that gays seal relationships with marriage too?

The reason you’ll rarely hear marriage brought up as a  pre-req, is because it’s so uncommon on a global scale (only about 7 US states and a handful of countries recognize equal marriage or have civil unions). But I would say (speaking from my own opinion), that being in what would constitute a common-law marriage (as in being a relationship for that amount of time; 2-7 years) is long enough to commence sexual relationship. HOWEVER, I encourage every gay Christian to find out what God wants for them after much prayer if they do not live in  a state where legal union is recognized. I admit my opinion here may be flawed about having sex outside of a legal marriage, so definitely meditate on Scripture before you make any decision that may influence your relationship with your spouse or God.

Alternatively you could just go to a state or country where marriage licenses are offered to same-sex couples and then the question solves itself.