Our message is simple: God loves you JUST AS YOU ARE! Our purpose is essential: to strengthen and enrich your faith.

Mel White urges Gay and Lesbian christians everywhere to accept their sexuality and know that God loves them just as they are! Homosexuality is not a sin and what you feel is not wrong, you are loved!


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Mel White is the author of ‘Stranger at the Gate: To Be Gay And Christian In America.’ .

It took him thirty years of being an “ex gay” and an attempt at suicide to finally realize his sexuality is a gift from God and that God love Him just the way he is. He is now happily married as of 2008!


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Mel White is one of my greatest inspirations in my desire to solidify my passion as a gay christian and I hope everyone who doubts this is possible or desires some support on this topic watches this sermon by him.

This needs to be on GC forever. And ever. And ever. -Ian

(Source: unitedinourdifferences)