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Here are some links to shelters for LGBT+ youth across the US,

Here is a site for the general youth

Here are some other resources for homeless youth.

Here are some resources for pregnant teens

Homelessness has been weighing heavy on my heart, and I want to help out in any way I can, but this is the only way I can. All else I can do is pray.

Much love, and stay safe.

Boost, and keep praying for those who are in need of these resources

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LGBT and Creationism


It always struck me as odd that people who are creationist are usually also LGBT-exclusive in their theology. I’m not a creationist but I don’t fully understand how being gay or trans fits into an evolutionary model. Not to say that I don’t think that it is in someway possible, I do I just don’t know it. Only that as a gay Christian my own self-understanding of my sexuality always reverts back to the more direct mode of thinking that I am this way because God created me this way.

It’s not that odd that Creationists are anti-LGBT. Their favorite argument against us is “Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.”

They claim to take the Bible including the Creation Narrative literally, but how can you when there are two and they contradict each other? One can believe God created everything and not necessarily believe it happened as it is written in Genesis. We Christians shouldn’t check our brains at the door for church.


Am I wrong in feeling like straight Christians should stay the [censored] out of the LGBT A side/B side dialogue? It just really rubs me the wrong way when straight Christians get involved in discussions about whether LGBT folks are called to celibacy because of their orientation. Celibacy is a legitimate calling, but not for all LGBT folk, and not because a person is LGBT. And for a straight person to promote the B-side is verging on oppressive to me. Self-hate is not a calling.

It’s another example of straight/cis people holding LGBT people to a whole different standard. And they’re also cheating LGBT people out of love when they do this. They will have their reward on the day of reckoning.

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any other queer Christians feel awkward about the term ‘pride’ or is it just me? i’m not against queer rights or anything - it’s just the name, specifically. like, i’m grateful for many things, but i’m not *proud* because everything i have is a gift from God, not something that i achieved. i don’t feel *proud* of God’s love - I feel thankful for it, moved by it, deeply reciprocal in regards to it, but not *proud* :/

Ellis, LGBT pride is about self-worth. Despite people telling us otherwise, we rise above adversity and realize that we are worthy of respect, worthy of love, even the love of God. 

Our pride isn’t necessarily in our identity but in our resilience and our unity as people overcoming the same struggle.

Announcing the Newly Elected Editor

Enrique Molina, after several days of waiting for votes, has received support as the Editor Elect of Gay Christian International!

I will now officially be stepping down. It was nice while I lasted here, but I am now finished. Hopefully he will be able to commit more time than I could to this blog.

Thank You All.