Sexual Immorality


Homosexuality is a SIN. It is stated as sexual immorality in both the Old Testament and New Testament.

Homosexuality is NOT a sin. It is not stated as sexual immorality in either The Old Testament nor The New Testament.

The Levitical verses only refer to the pagan fertility rites of the cult of Moloch, not to loving and monogamous homosexual relationships  themselves.

1 Cor. 6:9 and 1 Tim. 1:9-10 often have the Greek word ‘arsenokoitai’ mistranslated as ‘homosexuality’ or ‘homosexual offenders’. But in reality the word makes no such connotation in Ancient Greek. The Sibylline Oracle and The Acts Of John both contain the word (where it is NOT translated as ‘homosexual/etc.’) however they use it in the context of economic corruption! In these cases, ‘arsenokoitai’ is used to condemn a variety of forms of corruption and immorality in general.

Then we have Romans 1:26-27, Paul is seen condemning heterosexuals for exchanging their natural sexual orientations for one that is false to them. In the debauchery of Ancient Rome, this is no surprise. We must recognize that homosexuals are born that way and that they do not simply exchange heterosexuality for homosexuality (it’d be a great way to put yourself at a disadvantage in society!) Paul also would have known this with the presence of “eunuchs” (who were of different categories in Ancient days: those who were cut, those who were celibate, and those who were born unattracted to womenDigest of Justinian,,, 28.2.6.) who were homosexual men.

It would be an uneducated and unchristian statement to label homosexuals as sinners anymore than are heterosexuals for whom they love and have relationships with.