Gay marriage has been passed through parliament in the U.K.!

Praise God!

Thank you for all your prayers!



There is going to be a free vote tomorrow on whether civil partnerships will be upgraded to marriage for LGBT couples in the U.K.

While weddings in churches (aside from Unitarian and Quaker) will be off the cards for a while this is a big step forward to full equality!

Prayers for wisdom, for thought and for open mindedness for those voting in Parliament tomorrow! And prayer for those of us here to accept the outcome, whatever it may be.


I can’t explain how much I hope my state of Illinois passes Gay Marriage. This is a good sign. We are ready, now let’s get it done.

(Merry Christmas Eve everyone :) )



 That was my only response.

 That was my only response.

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  • Conservative: I love you so I'm going to vote 'no' on gay marriage.
  • Gay Christian: Oh thank you! I was worried I might end up in a happily committed and Christ-centred relationship with my would-be spouse of the same sex! God bless you for selflessly treating His children, including myself, differently based on what you personally approve of regardless of whether or not your beliefs are even remotely founded on Scripture!