Nowadays, there’s a lot of clergy saying, “we love gays, BUT…” And John Shore sets the record straight (no pun intended): they’re bullies of the worst kind.





Here are some links to shelters for LGBT+ youth across the US,

Here is a site for the general youth

Here are some other resources for homeless youth.

Here are some resources for pregnant teens

Homelessness has been weighing heavy on my heart, and I want to help out in any way I can, but this is the only way I can. All else I can do is pray.

Much love, and stay safe.

Boost, and keep praying for those who are in need of these resources

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Here’s a story about Roman Catholic institutions doing the wrong thing.


ST. LOUIS (RNS) The termination of two lesbian faculty members at Cor Jesu Academy, an all-girls Catholic high school, has prompted an outcry from alumnae who have vowed to withhold donations to the school.

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"GCI READER: I’ve messaged you before about things, and you’ve always been very helpful. I helped out at a Christian Youth Camp this summer, it was my first time and a few weeks ago I got added to the FB page of all the leaders and such. Today I was scrolling down the page, looking at the jokes. prayer requests and the love shared between the leaders and it made me feel very happy. But scrolling further back, I found a post with nearly a hundred comments on. It was an argument about homosexuality and the Bible and churches. It was really awful to read. I understand that these issues sometimes need to be discussed, but it’s just made me struggle a lot. One person was saying they still loved gay people, but they believed same sex relationships was still wrong and it should be taught like that and preached in Churches. But I just hate the concept of “hate the sin, love the sinner” because of suicide rates and feelings of guilt within the LGBT community. No one should feel like that, and preaching that God loves them but they’re feelings and lifestyle are wrong is still hurtful. How can non-Christian gay people come to Christ if the Church is condemning their feelings/lifestyle while still proclaiming God loves them?? I’m just so confused and really upset with the post and with the Church as a whole. I’m not sure I could worship a homophobic God, but some people are so adamant that God doesn’t approve. I’m not even sure what I think anymore and I know you have debunked the Bible verses talking about gay sex/relationships but there is still no affirmation of gay relationships in the Bible. I just feel lost."

First of all, I have ZERO tolerance for any religious institution peddling anti-LGBT nonsense to our youth, and I hope you wouldn’t either. As you said, it causes them to be self-loathing, to self-harm (and not just physically), or to even commit suicide. As Archbishop Desmond Tutu says, I would refuse to worship a homophobic God. And I cannot believe that God sees things like these so-called Christians do. In fact, the Bible says God does not see as mortals see; they look at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart (1 Samuel 16:7). 

Sometimes I get so mad at the state of the Church too. Too often, she only seems concerned with genitalia, uteri, or micromanaging peoples’ personal lives. Any of those things should be our last priority. There are people starving and on the streets, there are children being caught in gunfire on city streets, there are women being beaten and abused, the environment is being destroyed, and warmongering threatens to tear the world apart. So why is anyone concerned about what two consenting adults are doing? It’s shameful.

We need voices to stand up and boldly challenge the religious establishment’s thought process, because it’s seriously flawed. Won’t you be a voice? It won’t be easy, but we have to take back the Church. 



This sums up the anti-gay movement perfectly.

Yet these people slander whatever they do not understand, and the very things they do understand by instinct—as irrational animals do—will destroy them.” Jude 1:10

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This is the latest Gallup poll showing that LGBT people are less likely to be religious because of intolerance or unacceptance.

Feel free to share your thoughts.

I think about this a lot. My old church practically kicked me out. When everyone who is supposed to be godly and Christ-like sends a message of hate, it’s easy to give up on your faith. I wish there was more of a gay Christian community around me :/

Whoever claims to love God and hates their neighbor is a liar. How can you love God whom you’ve never seen and hate your neighbor who you see often?

Why abandon your faith because of people who do the opposite of what Jesus taught us? Our faith is in God.

If there’s no affirming community where you live, create one. It can be as simple as a weekly Bible study at a coffee shop. Start it and it will grow.

This was our gospel hymn today at church. I wish “conservative” Christians would think about this hymn whilst singing it. -EM

This was our gospel hymn today at church. I wish “conservative” Christians would think about this hymn whilst singing it. -EM


Anonymous said: The Courage Apostalte/Courage International irks me a lot. The celibacy issues scares me a lot as an LGBT Catholic. It's like I'm being singled out. Like I'm still "loved" and "accepted", only to be screwed over, to live life alone while everyone else has the privilege of not worrying about the things I have to. It's not fair. It irritates me a lot. I could go on about every detail that irritates me, but I won't. What is your advice to the LGBT Catholic, especially the youth, dealing with this?

You can realize the hypocrisy behind this organization. They’re basically setting up a conditional prerequisite for being a Christian. Jesus didn’t say if I am lifted up, I’ll draw some and good luck to others. He said He’d draw all person unto himself: no exceptions, no prerequisites. Francis might be setting a softer tone, but the RC Church has a long way to go. And they’re not getting there anytime soon.

I was nominally Roman Catholic for quite some time and chose to become Episcopalian. It’s the advanced placement of Catholicism: same rituals but half the guilt, to quote the late Robin Williams (also Episcopalian). So if you’re on your own or you’re a Roman Catholic teen with an option as to which church you want to attend, I highly recommend The Episcopal/Anglican Church. Many are LGBT-affirming. Check our Find Your Community page to double check. Otherwise, you can recognize the Roman Catholic Church’s teachings on gender and sexuality for what they are: invasive, horribly controlling, and just plain wrong. 



"…and for what it is worth, my dear sisters and brothers, I ask for your forgiveness for the way in which we the institutional church have often treated you, ostracized you, made you feel as if God has made a mistake creating you as who you are, for we are those who are meant to care for one another, care for Gods world, care for God’s children especially those who suffer injustice and oppression". 

Desmond Tutu is literally one of the most amazing human beings on the face of our planet. 

Archbishop Tutu says it is a shame that the Anglican/Episcopal Church is so ‘obsessed’ with sexuality and gender when so many suffer from poverty, conflict, and many other issues. Maybe one day we will wake up.

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