brokenveil asked: As a gay Christian in a homophobic church is there anyway you'd recommend doing something positive/supportive for the lgbt Christian community? Or just the lgbt or Christian communities in general? I feel like my hands are tied for the most part but I still wanna play my part :)

As I understand, you are forced or have to go to that church. Correct me if I’m wrong. 

What you should do is emulate Christ by speaking the truth and doing good. Jesus wasn’t afraid to go to the temple and give the Pharisees a piece of his mind. They said, you don’t honor our ancestor’s traditions. He said, for the sake of your traditions, you have rendered useless the Word of God. You and I can speak our truth in Christ’s authority. You may say, I’m not elegant in speech. Neither was Moses. But the Holy Spirit will fill you with the right things to say and do.

LGBT Christians have to darn near be Bible scholars. You have a responsibility to educate yourself so you can challenge those who say that there’s no room at the table for God’s LGBT children. We’ll continue to be a resource where people can learn more about how God truly loves and blesses people of all orientations and gender identities. And with everyone’s support, we can do a better job of that in the future.

Speak with LGBT Christians who may be having trouble reconciling their orientation or gender identity/expression with their faith and help them come to the understanding that you have reached. Many mainstream denominations have LGBT advocacy caucuses, if you will. Be sure to let me know if you attend a mainstream denom. and I’ll direct you to the organization so you can be involved.

Emulate Christ. Educate yourself. Get involved. Speak out. Challenge the “Pharisees” of our time.

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I feel like tackling some QUESTIONS!

This round of questions can be about LGBT issues in general, religious issues and theology in general, or LGBT religious issues. Also, you can ask to know more about myself. So what are you waiting for?

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As our community continues to grow, I’ve been trying my hardest to put us on YouTube. But unfortunately I can’t afford video equipment on my salary. This is where merch may come in. I have merch ideas. What I need is a graphic designer to make it look good. If you’d like to donate your talents to making the merch designs, email me at molina.livingdesign@gmail.com. Whoever designs the merch will receive complimentary merch on me!

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When I asked what’s the biggest challenge being an LGBT Christian, many of you said visibility. If you want our subset to have more visibility, please do your part to make what we have here a powerful voice for our community.

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I’ve been brainstorming ideas for merch. I’m hoping it would be a better way to sustain and expand our work here. So…

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fvching-amaxing asked: I came out to my mom about 3 months ago. And ever since then she has been telling me that I'm going to Hell. I don't want to go to Hell but I want to be myself. What do I do



I personally don’t believe in Hell, a place of eternal damnation. I believe all people will be reconciled with God. This is known as (Trinitarian) Universalism. But that’s neither here nor there. 

Your mom is forgetting that John 3:16 says that whosoever believes in God…shall have eternal life. I am whosoever! You are whosoever! Another one of my favorite verses is 1 Samuel 16:7:


I would mention both verses to her.

Your mom may continue to act childishly over your sexual orientation for a while; many parents do. But many parents also do eventually come around. For now, you just hold your head up and be proud of who are are. You are God’s beloved. In you God is well pleased.

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Wisdom 11: 24-25
For you love all things that are
and loathe nothing that you have made;
for you would not fashion what you hate. How could a thing remain unless you willed it or be preserved, had it not been called forth by you?

^^This is great!