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With all due respect, I feel our debate awhile back has shown that Side-B has some major theological and even scientific problems with it. Aspects of it are even backhanded, to that end. I truly feel Side-A has few, if any, flaws. That is why I ardently adhere to it’s theology.

In regards to my theoretical conversion to Agnosticism. Even if a perfect Side-B could be presented to me, it wouldn’t resolve the issues of Science and the double-nature of it’s version of Scripture and what it believe to be the nature of God.


[Response to Ian’s] Links

Hey Ian. 

I read those links/articles that you sent me, and I can best sum this reading by saying, I knew that…(That’s coming across pretty bitchy, I don’t mean it that way.) I saw that homosexuals and bisexuals experience greater levels of psychological distress, but it seems the juries out as to what that is actually a result of. Is it due to their sexual preference? Is it due to the prevalence of drug use within the homosexual community? Is it due to societal anxiety? It’s probably a combination. But what I see in all of this is a group of people who are hurting. I see statistics that validate my perspective that homosexuality can be very harmful (not that I base my arguments on this). I see no validation that I should live my life that way. 

I understand that homosexuals can have ‘loving’ relationships, ‘better’ relationships than heterosexuals, etc. That’s never been in debate in my mind. What I have seen within the homosexual community is also an undercurrent of filth, excess sexuality, drug use, hurt, prostitution, sickness, loneliness, etc. But then, you’ll find some of these to lesser, or greater degrees, in the lives of heterosexuals…It’s simply not something that I can allow to affect my relationship with God, because our relationship isn’t based on the experiences of others. My relationship is based on his word, and my sound belief that it doesn’t permit homosexuality. 

I have seen people, heterosexual people, leave the church for a life of enjoyment in the arms of their sexual counterpart. I have seen heterosexual people enjoy the excesses of alcohol, and drug use. I see heterosexual people enjoy television and movies which glorify sin. What I see in all of this is that sometimes your psychological condition does ‘improve’ when you sin, from the world’s perspective. Sometimes it does plunge into depression. And to be honest, that’s what I see largely within the LGBT community, a variety of experience. A variety of experience that cannot be used to validate living life in a certain manner.


No worries, I understand you might have already known some of the info I’d sent you. But I wasn’t sure if you did based on some seemingly under-educated assumptions you’d made previously, with all due respect. So I sought to provide you peer reviewed 

I see that you make the connotation of the LGBT Community with the orgiastic nature that is prevalent within it. However, that same culture can be said to both be over-played by those who’d persecute it and (while it certainly exists) it is only one aspect of it. And that very same culture, as you yourself admit in your last paragraph, is just as pervasive in heterosexuality!

And you also note that “filth, excess sexuality, drug use, hurt, prostitution, sickness, loneliness” are pervasive in the homosexual community. Well, psychologists and medical doctors believe it is often rejection by churches [x] and families that leads to the depression and psychological distress which leads to the careless sex in seeking for the love they were denied and venereal disease that comes from it.

Then again, you have people like myself, my writers, and others who stick to monogamy, go to Christian Churches and often have no problem with delving into excess with their sexuality. Our sexuality works just like a heterosexual one. There are the exact same temptations (with sex, alcoholism, and unsatisfactory relationships) and there is no difference in our lifestyles (and there are many different kinds within both sexualities to that). Both heterosexuals and homosexuals have to mature and control their desires.

I understand that your life experience has been wildly unfortunate (an understatement, I know) in terms of being your being homosexual and how that has played out in your life. But it would be less than Christlike to assume that all those who accept their sexuality is too also accept accept all the foul vices that are connoted to it and thus advocate it. I don’t. Side-A Christians don’t. It’s unfair to assume that homosexuals are special in this.

I hope this discussion has helped provided some clarity for you!

God Bless


Homosexuals are more likely to kill themselves because of the social stigma religious leaders place on it. It has nothing to do with simply being homosexual, there is no evidence that homosexuality is a mental disorder. In fact every major medical association affirms the fact it’s a normal part of human biology. You will not find one professional organization that promotes side-b or side-x (though some of these organizations may see side-b as less aggressive in it’s symptoms).

And this study is one of many used to denounce “ex gay therapy”, as much of what “ex gay therapy” aims to do these days, since sexual reorientation is unachievable. Most are just a form of ‘side-b’. Only a few still promote reorientation.

Returning to your idea that homosexuality is a cause for suicide, in States that have marriage equality homosexuals are actually healthier. Showing that where they are treated as equals, they are in fact healthier for it. And there are numerous studies showing that expressing your sexuality is very healthy for humans of all sexualities. Not necessarily by having sex, but simply also by being in a relationship at all (although sexual relationship is also very healthy for one’s mentality as it is evolutionary necessity).

So quite the opposite case you stated (“these statistics could also be applied against your cause”), they are actually directed exactly against proponents of side-b. You would have to contort it quite a bit beyond it’s true context to make it pro side-b (even then nobody educated would fall for it).