"The repentant homosexual must be met with forgiveness. Even hypocritical homosexuals must be treated individually with compassion. But the collective behavior of the hypocrites of homosexuality must be met with our most forceful arguments and our complete intolerance of their lies."

- Orson Scott Card- The Hypocrits of Homosexuality (via juliassundial)



‘… My choice withdrew you from the world, therefore the world hates you.’ – John 15:19

Persecution is part of the Christian walk. Every believer in Christ Jesus is persecuted. Many times we are persecuted not by those outside the fold but by sheep within the fold of Christ. Jesus says that it…


From 10am to 10pm this blog will remain silent in remembrance of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters who have been silenced by bullies, suicide, bigotry and murder. Let us stand together against hate.



It Gets Better - For Christian Youth In Ex-Gay Ministries It Gets Better - For Christian Youth In Ex-Gay Ministries or Therapy



it literally pains me when those who have professed the name of Jesus as Lord and Savior spew hate speech from their mouth or fingers.

it pains me because people who claim to be of the Kingdom do not realize the impact they have on the world. the words they say are a powerful punch to those who…

PREACH! This is always the thing that narks me. That people profess hate in the name of God. Hate and God is an oxymoron. Just like hate and Christian should be.

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