1. Being gay is not a choice. 
  2. There are gay Christians.
  3.  Gay couples do enter into long-term, committed, loving, and monogamous relationships. 
  4. Every word translated as “homosexual” in the modern versions of the Bible is speaking of same sex behavior in an extreme circumstance. 
  5. The church is not offering a model of being gay and Christian and living a virtuous life before God. 
  6. Asking gay people to deny their natural sexual orientation is destructive. 
  7. Bisexual people are attracted to both sexes in varying degrees.  
  8. There is no “radical gay agenda” and no demand for “special rights.” 
  9. he loss of gay believers to the Church has been tragic. 
  10. The loudest message the gay community hears from Christians is one of intolerance and hatred.

A Faith base group supporting LGBTQ youth - we need votes to make this project happen



“Love” has been used to oppress me. “Love” has been the hand pushing me away. “Love” has been the voice telling me I’m going to hell unless I change. “Love” has been the reason for my broken heart. “Love” tells me I must sacrifice my love. “Love” tells me it’s only trying to care for my soul. “Love” sees me as second class. “Love” sees me as broken. “Love” tells me I’m being selfish. “Love” tells me whats “Biblical”. And my beliefs certainly aren’t “Biblical”.

“Love” quietly stands on the side as a bystander. “Love” says “Love the sinner, hate the sin”. “Love” tells me I’m “Welcomed, but not Affirmed”. “Love” tells me they can’t accept my relationships. “Love” tells me I’m living in sin.

The thing is…
I do need repentance. I need healing. I need to see myself as broken. I am selfish. My beliefs aren’t “Biblical”. I’m not “OK”. I need Jesus.

But not because my sexuality is sinful.
But because I’m human.

My relationships are a sacred, holy, and beautiful thing to God.

And this is why I don’t trust “love” in the context of Christians.

Rachel Held Evans puts it beautifully:
“…When Christians are told that God is love, but that “love” looks and feels like the opposite of what we know love to be (it’s angry, it’s emotionally unstable, it’s violent), it’s not a far journey to make for some leaders in churches to ALSO claim that their angry, unstable, and violent actions are “loving”. This is how abuse happens.”


I am an openly lesbian pastor and often blog about what it means to live daily as a Queer Christian. I offer this link as a resource and would love if you would spread the word. 


"Who am I to judge a gay person of goodwill who seeks the Lord?" the pontiff said, speaking in Italian. "You can’t marginalize these people."

I don’t want to underestimate or overestimate the importance of this statement. It doesn’t mean all is well and that the RC Church will treat ‪#‎lgbt‬ people any better, but it is certainly a different tone than the usual condemnation.

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