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Question for gay Christians


how do you biblically justify a loving, committed, monogamous, homosexual relationship? sound arguments from Scripture are hard to find. what do you believe the Bible says about homosexuality? and how do you reconcile your faith and your homosexual behavior?
I’m asking because I am a Christian, but I’m starting to doubt the traditional view on homosexuality. maybe I’ve been wrong on the issue my whole life. maybe it’s not a sin. any help/feedback would be greatly appreciated. thanks you guys :)

Lesbian, gay, bi, trans* and queer Christians realize that the scriptures used for a blanket condemnation against us have nothing to do with loving, committed same gender relationships. 

The psycho-social construct of homosexuality as we understand it today would not have been understood in biblical times. The very word ‘homosexuality’ was not even coined until the 19th century.

Some Christians use a few obscure and out-of-context Bible passages to justify their own dislike of an entire subset of people and to hold us to an entirely different standard of biblical literalism than they accept for themselves.

We approach scripture within its historical and cultural context. Check out our analysis of the so-called Clobber Passages here

hanging-up-my-cape said: As a gay Christian, do you think that the original message of the Bible was not homophobic, but loose translations and interpretations only made it sound that way? I can only think of three instances homosexuality was brought up - Genesis 19, Leviticus 20:13, and Corinthians 6:9 - and I think they can all be denounced as not what God intended to be anti-gay. Just curious what you think.








I just want to add that people may have written the Bible, but God told them directly what to write in the Bible. God is the author, the people were the scribes.

I disagree. The Bible was inspired by God, but the words in the Bible are not the literal words God chose and dictated to anybody. The Bible contains human thoughts, human ideas, human interpretations of events, mythology created by humans to explain the world around them, and human errors and fallacies. God, however, makes use of this very human vehicle as a means of revealing certain things about Godself.

I disagree. The Bible was written by specific people chosen by God. He picked people who woild not be easy to believe. He used broken people to speak about his love. He spoke to people, as he still does. He tokd the broken people what to write in his holy book, which is why it exists. If we did not have a creator, we would have no morals. We would have no comfort, no purpose to our lives.

What I think we should look into more isnt so much the people He chose to write it, but the people through the years that have translated it into so many different languages. What was originally written may not have been anti-gay but as it passed through times where homosexuals were more prosecuted,translators may have changed it to make it anti-gay so there could be an “excuse” for their actions.

Which is why I read and rely on the King James version of the Bible. It was translated straight from Hebrew. No changes to anything written in it. Nothing added and nothing taken out. It’s the original book in English.

The NRSV is actually the most correct translation, as accepted by most scholars.

However, even the original Greek and Hebrew (and some Aramaic) were written by humans.

See my earlier history lesson re: “literal and inerrant”, fundamentalism, etc. The entire concept is a steaming hot mess, as is any theology/worldview derived from it. 

Written by humans, but told to the humans by God. See my lesson before as well. Re: “God is the author, people are the scribes” you can say it’s completely by humans all you want, that doesn’t change that God’s word it still God’s word, not the words of mere humans like us.

Jesus was a ‘mere human like us!’ So what makes you think that the Bible couldn’t have been written by mere humans? Those who do not believe that pure deity could take a material body believe something contrary to the Athanasian Creed, and are thus heretics.

Ever notice in the Gospel of John that “the Word became flesh and dwelt among us’? Logos = Word. Jesus was the Living Word. That is, He was the perfect example of all that we should be. And it’s much easier to follow an example than a rule book, which is what some think the Bible is.

There are a lot of troubling things in the Bible, such as the approval of slavery. It would be ignorant to believe that God literally dictated the approval of slavery. A more sound conclusion is that people are at least sometimes wrong in interpreting and discerning the voice and will of God. That’s why we needed more than a collection of writings of men, as honorable as that attempt may have been: we needed a divine example.

If we follow the example of Christ the Living Word and strive to be more like Him than to be like the Bible, we cannot go wrong. But one cannot take the Bible seriously and literally too; it’s one or the other.


1.) God did not write the Bible. People did. 

2.) gaychristian did an awesome job addressing “homophobic” Bible passages here: http://gaychristian.tumblr.com/clobberpassages 

Previous comment by GCI: Watch this. And pay close attention around 1:30.



Ten Things I’ve Learned About Gay People in Ten Years | A Christian Perspective

Desmond Tutu 'Would Not Worship a Homophobic God'

A member of my family recently posted a “10 things people should know about homosexuality,” which was an article, by a pastor, that was very homophobic in nature. It made me, a queer Christian, incredibly angry. So I sat down and wrote out a rebuttal using the Bible (and a few resources you wonderful folks provided) to debunk the list and create a new one supporting our community. Anyway, thought you’d like the link to the post: http://disgruntledchristian.tumblr.com/post/55891842870/dear-pastor-mike

Thanks guys! You’re doing such an awesome job. :)

I quite like what this person has written.


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I’m revisiting the Bible and looking again—with fresh eyes—at what Scripture has to say about gender and sexuality.

I had a very vivid dream last night, and I had this long conversation with an imaginary preacher. I asked him: 

"Why is it that we base our supernatural beliefs so strongly off a physical book? Is God nothing more than physical words? Is he no more than just verses and scripture? Also, what’s with the whole "he" thing anyway? We can assume Jesus identified as "he" since he refers to himself as such, but God only says "I am." Somehow I don’t think it’s accurate to assume that God is a man, or has a penis, because the only reason our society refers to someone/something as "he" is if they are a man or have a penis and from what I understand, God doesn’t reproduce, God creates. Why is it that we’re constantly limiting teachings and references to only the Bible? Can we not look around and see all the many blessings that are around us and learn from our experiences? Can we not learn from small acts of kindness, good deeds, or love? I don’t think the Bible is complete fallacy, but it is not  right to say that we believe in a supreme being and yet only base the teachings of that being off a physical book that has been changed by man over thousands of years. If we are to truly believe in the word of God then we should have enough faith to believe that the Bible is not the only way of preaching and teaching God’s love. I honestly wasn’t brought to the Lord though the Bible, I was brought to the Lord through the love of my family and the love I experienced around me. I was very young when I accepted Christ, so it’s safe to say I wasn’t looking for an explanation, or answers to some bigger question about life. I wasn’t looking for salvation from Hell (which I probably didn’t even know what that was at the time). I simply wanted to find love, and a place of belonging. How have we gotten to this point? How have we as a people resorted to scare tactics and hate? Love is of God. Why can’t people see it?"

I don’t remember him ever having an answer for me, but a few minutes later, I woke up.

my pastor analyzed the 6 biblical verses used to condemn homosexuality. it was great. it was also eye opening for those like me, who aren’t gay/lesbian, but must work towards eliminating this use of the bible to bully.