Hello guys. I keep getting comments stating that homosexuality is biblically sanctioned. This is fine, freedom of speech is great. However, I find I can’t properly reply to these. So here are my reasons as to why I don’t engage in homosexuality.

Firstly, I take my system of morality from the…

  1. Guess I’m not a Christian according to your “moral code”. Your morality is not necessarily God’s.
  2. Yes the poem of Genesis does describe man join woman and creating the institution of marriage. However in that same poem, they’re the only people on Earth so breeding was a must for the story to continue. Also, Same-sex marriage wasn’t relevant to the culture of that day and age. The idea couldn’t have made sense to Israelites 4000 years ago, there was no real concept of sexuality. 
  3. Leviticus 18:22 says “do not lie with man as with a woman”, the process of making a man a woman and objectifying him as such continues today as a taboo part of certain Arabic cultures. Afghan culture (perhaps specially Pashtun) is a prime example of this. It can be presumed that such practices were quashed within the Semitic culture after the issuance of the Law of Moses. Also cult references to the worship of Molech, where this orgiastic activity often stemmed from, is referred to immediately before in Lev 18:21! Where the cult is mentioned! Curious that on that note the author decided to mention men giving themselves up as women to other men as if referring to temple prostitution (a part of the cult).
  4. In Romans 1:26-27, it’s obvious he’s condemning the orgiastic culture of graceo-roman society. With 24 hour orgies open in the temples of Corinth where sex gods reigned, I would’ve condemned that sort of immorality too! This extreme eroticism isn’t natural and isn’t the will of God, where monogamy and love is the plan He holds for us.
  5. The word ‘homosexuality’ or “homosexual offenders” did not exist in the ancient Mediterranean or anywhere else to my knowledge at the time. These words did not exist in Corinthians, Timothy or Galatians.
  6. Accepting yourself does not fly in the face of God having died for you. Trying to change what He made in you does. Staying celibate for the wrong reason is tragic, calling what is natural and pure (if acted upon in a Christlike manner by someone born with that natural desire) a “sin”. Calling homosexuality a sin is a lie spawned by the Bishop of Milan in the 4th Century in an effort to create a scapegoat for rioting in cisalpine Italy. Homophobia has no real scriptural ground to stand on and is, given that, a heresy. However, homophobia does not alienate you from God entirely. Yes, there is no question that it is a sin but Christ died for everyone and no sin is unforgivable. Christianity is not about damning you or restricting your desire for relationship to an excruciating extent, its about uplifting others and making your life all about others. Being celibate because you are gay crushes that hopeful message and replaces it with a falsified theology that makes that message of redemption and love silver tongued and cruelly dark. I do not follow that god, I follow the Christ who said “For some are eunuchs because they were born that way; others were made that way by men; and others have renounced marriage because of the kingdom of heaven. The one who can accept this should accept it." (; this isn’t me actually oddly enough haha) That stated, celibacy can be wonderful! Or it can be for the wrong reason, and thus becoming an idol in your spiritual life, separating you from the God that loves you and made you just the way you are for a romantic relationship someday!


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