Anonymous said: The Courage Apostalte/Courage International irks me a lot. The celibacy issues scares me a lot as an LGBT Catholic. It's like I'm being singled out. Like I'm still "loved" and "accepted", only to be screwed over, to live life alone while everyone else has the privilege of not worrying about the things I have to. It's not fair. It irritates me a lot. I could go on about every detail that irritates me, but I won't. What is your advice to the LGBT Catholic, especially the youth, dealing with this?

You can realize the hypocrisy behind this organization. They’re basically setting up a conditional prerequisite for being a Christian. Jesus didn’t say if I am lifted up, I’ll draw some and good luck to others. He said He’d draw all person unto himself: no exceptions, no prerequisites. Francis might be setting a softer tone, but the RC Church has a long way to go. And they’re not getting there anytime soon.

I was nominally Roman Catholic for quite some time and chose to become Episcopalian. It’s the advanced placement of Catholicism: same rituals but half the guilt, to quote the late Robin Williams (also Episcopalian). So if you’re on your own or you’re a Roman Catholic teen with an option as to which church you want to attend, I highly recommend The Episcopal/Anglican Church. Many are LGBT-affirming. Check our Find Your Community page to double check. Otherwise, you can recognize the Roman Catholic Church’s teachings on gender and sexuality for what they are: invasive, horribly controlling, and just plain wrong. 



"…and for what it is worth, my dear sisters and brothers, I ask for your forgiveness for the way in which we the institutional church have often treated you, ostracized you, made you feel as if God has made a mistake creating you as who you are, for we are those who are meant to care for one another, care for Gods world, care for God’s children especially those who suffer injustice and oppression". 

Desmond Tutu is literally one of the most amazing human beings on the face of our planet. 

Archbishop Tutu says it is a shame that the Anglican/Episcopal Church is so ‘obsessed’ with sexuality and gender when so many suffer from poverty, conflict, and many other issues. Maybe one day we will wake up.

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teenymarini said: The other day my best friend's parents found out by accident that he is gay. They chose to kick him out of the house and no longer help him pay for college. I want to help him but I have no idea how. I'm not in a financially stable position to assist him in that way. What resources are available for him? It breaks my heart to not know what to do.

Unfortunately 40% of homeless youth and young adults are LGBT people who could not remain in their homes. If you are unable to put him up, please see to it that a mutual friend will do so. If he must, he can take a leave of absence from college if currently enrolled until things are better. The Point Foundation gives scholarships to LGBT people, so Google them.

But please do whatever you can to help your friend stay fed and housed. Also, please monitor his morale and watch for signs of depression.

Anyone who has suggestions, please comment.

Help your friend stay strong.


LGBT and Creationism


It always struck me as odd that people who are creationist are usually also LGBT-exclusive in their theology. I’m not a creationist but I don’t fully understand how being gay or trans fits into an evolutionary model. Not to say that I don’t think that it is in someway possible, I do I just don’t know it. Only that as a gay Christian my own self-understanding of my sexuality always reverts back to the more direct mode of thinking that I am this way because God created me this way.

It’s not that odd that Creationists are anti-LGBT. Their favorite argument against us is “Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.”

They claim to take the Bible including the Creation Narrative literally, but how can you when there are two and they contradict each other? One can believe God created everything and not necessarily believe it happened as it is written in Genesis. We Christians shouldn’t check our brains at the door for church.


Anonymous said: I might just cry because I found this blog. It's so hard to be Pan and Christian! Thank you for making this blog a thing

Just tears of joy today. I love it! Thank you all for showing the love today. -E


Anonymous said: I'm so so glad I found this tumblr I might cry. My biggest thing I've had to deal with living here in the south is being gay and still having my faith. It's caused me so much pain over the years, so finding this tumblr is something I've needed for a long time. Just wanted to say thank you so much.

You’re about to make me cry too… Bless you. -Enrique



Julion Evans was 42 when he died from amyloidosis in Tampa, FL. His husband, Kendall Capers, planned to have the funeral at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, the congregation his late husband’s family attended. 

In Evans’s obituary, Capers is listed as his surviving husband. When the church found out he was gay, they called Evans the night before the funeral to tell him it was canceled. New Hope told him it would be “blasphemous” to hold the funeral there. 

T.W. Jenkins, the pastor of New Hope, told WFLA over the phone that his church does not believe in gay marriage. “I try not to condemn anyone’s lifestyle, but at the same time, I am a man of God and have to stand upon my principles,” he said.

Evans’ family members were devastated by the news, with his mother too upset to speak to reporters on the phone. “Regardless of our background, our sexual orientation, how can you wait that long and put someone in a bind when they’re going through a loss?” said Capers.

This makes me sick. 

Us too. It’s repugnant and un-Christian. But more importantly, let us offer our prayers for the family that was hurt when this church chose to walk in hated instead of on love.

If you’re struggling as an LGBT Christian and need someone to talk to about your faith and orientation or gender identity/expression, talk to @gaychristianofficial on Kik.


If you’re struggling as an LGBT Christian and need someone to talk to about your faith and orientation or gender identity/expression, talk to @gaychristianofficial on Kik.


Anonymous said: It is not a mistranslation. God didn't destroy sodom because it had the same sin as everyone else

Ezekiel 16:49 New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

"This was the guilt of your sister Sodom: she and her daughters had pride, excess of food, and prosperous ease, but did not aid the poor and needy."

This blog is a hate-free zone. Take your Sola Scriptura Bible illiteracy somewhere else.


wr1t3r43v3r said: What do you think about the anti gay Christians who quote the bible in saying, "The heart is deceptive." In correlation to them believing we are giving into our "natural sin" and" conforming to the world"?

The ‘conforming to the world’ part is interesting: who says God can’t work through the world? Since God permeates and extends beyond all of nature and all of the world, God will do God’s work whether the Church is on board or not.

Also, these anti-gay Christians are being extremely invasive: don’t you think? It’s sexism and heterosexism. Why else would anyone be worried about what someone else’s partner is packing in the equator region?

Their priorities are way out of line. “Forget the environment, forget warmongering, forget domestic violence, forget poverty and inequality; what needs to be addressed is Jane and Maria down the street.” This is ridiculous. They’re wasting their time and ours when we have to fight them. It’s time to speak out and call BS.