kylecelebre13 asked: Hey I have a question.. is being gay a sin or is it bad to be gay? Does God still love us for being gay?

No. Sins are acts that separate us from God and keep us from loving our neighbors as ourselves. Being gay is not a sin. Bullying is a sin. Being hateful to other people is a sin. Putting yourself in the place of God to judge others is a sin. Being gay is not. God loves all of God’s creation, including you!

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I found out i was gay almost 3 years ago and I’ve been with my girlfriend for almost 6 months. I used to feel like being gay was the person I was but then… So we study at a extremely Christian school (like the judgmental kind) and they kinda noticed that we were together so they wouldn’t even let us hug and they were always watching us, and telling us to stop being all over each other.

And not only that, but she came out to her mom in February and [her mom] hates me because of it because she thinks I made her like that and she doesn’t accept my girlfriend. And not only that, but on valentines day, [things] went down in school and the principal pretty much humiliated me in front of my friends and she told me that I needed to get closer to God and she told my friends that I needed her and she told my girlfriend to stay away from me.

And this honestly broke my heart because I love God more than anything and He meant everything to me and I’ve always been scared of going to hell because of my sexuality, but after she said that, I just felt like [crap] because I thought I was gonna go to hell and I just wanted to kill myself. And not only that, but my girlfriend’s mom and the principal united and found a way to graduate me early since I was almost done anyway so I cant see my girlfriend anymore, we just talk on the phone.

I just need advice. I feel so bad about all of this. I love her with my life and she loves me but I feel so bad because I also feel like a waste of a human being because I don’t know if I’ll go to hell because of it. And I don’t know who to talk to. I love God. You have no idea how much. I love Him, He is everything to me. Please tell me I am not wrong. Even if I feel guilty, tell me it’s not wrong. I’m so scared of Hell and I feel so hopeless and she just shook up my faith with God.


Do not end your life. You are not a waste. You are not broken.

Wisdom 11:24-25 says “You love everything that exists; you do not despise anything that you have made. If you had not liked it, you would not have made it in the first place. How could anything last, if you did not want it to? How could it endure, if you had not created it?

Some people try to justify their own intolerance or hatred by using scripture and religion to judge us. But God doesn’t look at a person’s outward appearance; God looks at the heart (1 Samuel 16:7).

You should Find a LGBT-friendly church where you can grow in the truth that God loves you just as you are. It might also be necessary to liberate yourself from your parents and others who are anti-gay. Many LGBT people move to more progressive areas and create a ‘family’ out of people who love and accept them for who they are.

Don’t worry too much about your girlfriend problem. These things tend to handle themselves within time. Right now, worry about getting in a more accepting environment and being more comfortable with your own orientation. The fact that you still struggle with reconciling your faith and your orientation suggests that you should focus on yourself right now.

You can have confidence in knowing that many of us have gone through things like this. But rest assured that God loves you just as you are. Visit our Resources page to learn more about what it means to be LGBT and Christian. 

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To anon with the very long story seeking advice…

I’ll tackle that one tomorrow when I can give it my full attention. I like to answer every single thing in our box as best I can, so I’ll sleep on that one. Goodnight!


brokenveil asked: As a gay Christian in a homophobic church is there anyway you'd recommend doing something positive/supportive for the lgbt Christian community? Or just the lgbt or Christian communities in general? I feel like my hands are tied for the most part but I still wanna play my part :)

As I understand, you are forced or have to go to that church. Correct me if I’m wrong. 

What you should do is emulate Christ by speaking the truth and doing good. Jesus wasn’t afraid to go to the temple and give the Pharisees a piece of his mind. They said, you don’t honor our ancestor’s traditions. He said, for the sake of your traditions, you have rendered useless the Word of God. You and I can speak our truth in Christ’s authority. You may say, I’m not elegant in speech. Neither was Moses. But the Holy Spirit will fill you with the right things to say and do.

LGBT Christians have to darn near be Bible scholars. You have a responsibility to educate yourself so you can challenge those who say that there’s no room at the table for God’s LGBT children. We’ll continue to be a resource where people can learn more about how God truly loves and blesses people of all orientations and gender identities. And with everyone’s support, we can do a better job of that in the future.

Speak with LGBT Christians who may be having trouble reconciling their orientation or gender identity/expression with their faith and help them come to the understanding that you have reached. Many mainstream denominations have LGBT advocacy caucuses, if you will. Be sure to let me know if you attend a mainstream denom. and I’ll direct you to the organization so you can be involved.

Emulate Christ. Educate yourself. Get involved. Speak out. Challenge the “Pharisees” of our time.

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harriet-tubmansleft-eye asked: Hey! Well, I'm going to be going to college next semester and I'm just wondering what would be the best way to come out to people that I meet. I'm not really concerned about the being judged by being out, just that I'm out and christian. It was a struggle for me personally to accept that I could be both and I can only imagine what others would think. I know I shouldn't worry about what others think but I don't want to be by myself, especially when I'm starting on my journey as an adult -thanks,

Easy way for folks to know you’re LGBT: major in music or theater.


I’m half joking and half not. I literally majored in Music Composition. 

Ok, jokes aside. I went to Moravian College & Seminary, which is religious but very progressive and LGBT-friendly—often a rarity. Most colleges try to make their environment a safe-spot for LGBT people to grow…unless you go to someplace like Oral Roberts or BYU, which I strongly would advise against.

But what I found was that it was best just to treat my orientation as just part of the whole person I am. When it was pertinent, I acknowledged that I was gay, but I didn’t go out of my way to make sure everyone knew. In my workplace this is also the case. My coworker simply mentioned her wife and I mentioned my husband.

Different people may have different thoughts, but in 2014 I just don’t feel it necessary to hold a press conference hosted by Larry King to tell folks you’re LGBT. We grew up in a world where straight/cis was default and everyone else had to exclaim, “not me, I’m different!” But now we see celebrities nonchalantly indicating their orientation or gender identity by mentioning their partners and not side-stepping the fact that they’re not straight/cis in their speech. That’s where I feel we should be headed. 

We should always be proud to declare that we are L, G, B, or T and I’m not saying we should be invisible or assimilate. I’m just saying, let’s not let straight/cis be the default. The same goes for being an LGBT person of faith; why should anti-LGBT Christians be the default? 

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