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jacthing2 said: Hi. I've just started reading God and the Gay Christian by Matthew Vines. Have you read it yet? If so, what do you think?

I haven’t read the entire book yet, but I know that Matthew has done a good job in explaining the case for affirming faith.

I should also add that his theology is Evangelical and more moderate. That’s neither good nor bad, just reflects his upbringing and understandings.


Nowadays, there’s a lot of clergy saying, “we love gays, BUT…” And John Shore sets the record straight (no pun intended): they’re bullies of the worst kind.


Anonymous said: Do you know if a monogamous and committed homosexual couple faces the same health risks as the rest of the "gay community"? Is "safe gay sex" possible in a commuted marriage?

A monogamous couple, regardless of genders, will usually have a lower risk of STIs because they are sexually exclusive. There will almost always be some risk in having sex even in monogamous relationships due to infidelity, but if you have a partner whom you can trust, that risk is virtually nonexistent.

Whether you’re monogamous or not —and it’s not anyone’s place to judge— and regardless of your orientation, everyone can reduce their risk on themselves and their sexual partners by practicing safe sex and being regularly tested. There’s a lot of anti-safe-sex propaganda going around the LGBT community right now and I’m ardently opposed to it. Unless you’re in a longterm monogamous relationship, I encourage you to use some form of protection.

Learn more: http://www.plannedparenthood.org/health-info/stds-hiv-safer-sex/safer-sex

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Anonymous said: Do you think a gay man can honor God by marriage to another man, and sexual relations that could come after ?

Hold on, lemme ask my husband… —Enrique



The Bible, when read as a recipe book or an instruction manual, can quickly turn from a book into a box, and we bury ourselves in it. When read as the story of God’s people learning to live in right relationship with God— told through many types of literature, including mythology, poetry, wisdom, etc.— it becomes life-giving and holy, as it was meant to be.

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Anonymous said: Does it say in the bible that homosexuality is really a sin? I'm so scared, I live God very much but I'm positive I'm bisexual I really don't want to go to hell because of that or for God to be mad at me because I love another person of my gender.

The people who wrote the Bible didn’t even know what homosexuality was. They figured everyone was straight.

We’ve done a lot to teach people about this issue. But the main message we want to spread is that the Bible is not a manual on sexuality. It’s the writings of imperfect people trying to explain as best they could their encounters with God.

There is nothing sinful about being an LGBT person; the sin is solely on those who lash out at what they do not understand.





Here are some links to shelters for LGBT+ youth across the US,

Here is a site for the general youth

Here are some other resources for homeless youth.

Here are some resources for pregnant teens

Homelessness has been weighing heavy on my heart, and I want to help out in any way I can, but this is the only way I can. All else I can do is pray.

Much love, and stay safe.

Boost, and keep praying for those who are in need of these resources

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Anonymous said: I only sent one of those anon messages. The other was somebody else...

Interesting. Both questions were asked in the same hour and are fairly similar.



Here’s a story about Roman Catholic institutions doing the wrong thing.


ST. LOUIS (RNS) The termination of two lesbian faculty members at Cor Jesu Academy, an all-girls Catholic high school, has prompted an outcry from alumnae who have vowed to withhold donations to the school.

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